1. You don't need as much furniture as you think you do, just more interesting pieces.

Who says you need the couch or that chair to fill up that corner? 

2. Collect what you love, it will inspire you to be more creative.

Taking a life lesson from designer Alexander Girard we could all be more creative daily.

3. Don't be afraid of color, it adds emotion to a home.

Monet, Barragan, Le Corbusier and Frida Kahlo all knew a thing or 2 about living passionately.

4. If it doesn't matter get rid of it, free your space.

We consume way more then we need, items with no real meaning or purpose. 

5. Travel and support independent creatives, your collected treasures will tell your journey.

A home to reflect the stories of those who live there, a collected space, unique and individual.

AuthorLina Hargrett