Halloween has past and we all know Thanksgiving is just around the corner piled in by Art Basel Miami Beach or Miami Art Week as it’s called these days, leaving no time left for Christmas shopping. Experiences, they say make the best gifts these days. So, I am getting a head start here with a few ideas for weekend trips that can keep on giving great memories and accruing Instagram likes. An IOU for one of these getaways in 2016 is perfect for any art and design loving mind.

When Spring- Fall
Stay at the Ace Hotel - opening late 2015
Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water and the Andy Warhol Museum
Eat or mostly drink at Kelly's Bar & Lounge

When Spring - Summer
Stay at Gurney’s Montauk - amazing room views
Visit Pollack Krasner House & Study Center and view Modern Architecture on Fire Island
Eat at Joni’s Kitchen

When Summer - Fall
Stay at Longman & Eagle - only 6 rooms, check availability with time
Visit Art Institute of Chicago and learn about vintage whiskeys at OSB
Eat at Plein Air Cafe

When Fall
Stay at Hotel Sorrento - historic downtown beauty
Visit Pike Place Market and Peter Miller Books & Supplies
Eat at Walrus & the Carpenter

Big Sur
When year round
Stay at Post Ranch Inn - you have a treehouse option!
Visit Pfeiffer Beach
Eat at Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant


Recommendations have been put together with various reliable sources, many thanks!